Great location for holiday? Kazakhstan - check more information about this country.

At the beginning of every year, temperature in Poland become very unfriendly. Because of that, we begin to thinking of long, summer days in any place nice. It's great time to begin arranging future vacations, mostly since 2017 we do not have to have a travel visa to enter Kazakhstan.

So maybe you'll consider to spend some week in this amazing country?

When we're thinking of this spot, one thing cross our mind is of our ancestors, that were forced to live there after the war. And nowadays, Kazakhstan is free country, with plenty tourist monuments check details on At start, Almaty Vacation in that metropolis is very great idea. It were capital of Kazakhstan and still is the biggest city in there. You will find there plenty of great buildings, not only icons of Social realism, but Peven nice pieces of modern architecture. Skyscrapers in there are very amazing! But Kazakhstan isn't just about city but even about nature. At the area of this country, you'll be able to visit national park, with many of rare spices of plants.


After 2017, small airline carriers opened connections from Warsaw to Almaty Vacations in Kazakhstan will be very cheap, when you reserve your flights 6 months ahead. Beside, when you like to save even more cash, think about your baggage i refer here. Cause for checked in you need to pay much. On the other hand, carry on isn't payable and it allowed to bring medium size valise with you. You will be able to stuff in there a lot of your belongings. Also, accommodation in Almaty is in very reasonable prize.

By: OK Apartment

When you want to spend nice holidays in fascinating destination, select Kazakhstan.

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