Do you know, who is designing your mobile apps?

Right now, a lot of the people in our country, especially young ones, own any device, thanks to which they are able to link with the web. It could be computer, tablet or even Television set.

But right now, in most of the situations, we are using our smart phones for web. There are plenty corporations, which are creating new apps for our devices, day by day.

Do you ever heard about Software House International? This is sort of company which is offering IT services. It main quarter is in London, UK, but couple years ago, it create it agency in Poland. Since this couple years, Polish branch develop much, becoming one of the most relevant IT companies on the local market. They are providing many types of services software house international. You can order a custom software in there or ask for managed services. But most of the times, specialists from Software House International are managing with mobile apps. They're creating brand new software for plenty companies, which are producing devices, which later you could buy.

SHI in our country is a back office for English firm check examples. This is mean, that mobile developers, that are really important members of the team, are no longer hired in London, but in Poland. Their bosses from UK are sending them tasks, and they are laboring on that. UK quarter now is wasting much less money for paychecks, cause Polish professionals aren't earning as much as British. But also for mobile developers in our country it is good, cause they have a chance to get an employment of their dreams, nice salary and every social benefits they like.

By: heipei

When we are using one, easy app, often we've no idea how many people were laboring for it.

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