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Poland is a good place to stay much longer and set up a family here. Nevertheless, there is continuously a question which worry the majority of moms and dads – is here a good primary college for my kids? The text will prove that the great schools with long practices and professional teachers can be also located in Poland.

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By: EaglebrookSchool
The class which will be characterized (prywatna szkoła podstawowa, Wrocław) is placed in Wrocław where lives many international people from each corner of the world.

The school is classified as global class for every kid, regardless where the scholar is from and where have gone to school before. However, as at every school, here are also some easy laws which have to be accepted by every student before she or he decides to be a member of the international college. First of all, the school welcomes pupils who are around 6 to 13 years old. If the student used to go to various class, in different nation, the scholar has to take a special test which shows the instructors what is the skills of particular pupil. However, it is not a voluntary test – if you want to be a member of the school, you have to get 70% from the test.

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Secondly, it is verified the stage of English – all the lessons are carried out in English in the school. Therefore, the teachers have to know if the provided student will handle throughout the classes and if she or he will understand the instructor and different students who are usually from abroad and communicate only English.

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