How my amazing husband prepared a ideal surprise for our honeymoon

Last month I got married. Presently, I have great husband. I like many things about him. However, if I had to choose only 1 things I really love about my husband is the fact that he often surprises me. This was the same when it came to organizing our honeymoon. We wereextremely busy before our wedding, that there was no spare time to think about aspects regarding our honeymoon. Nevertheless, I figured out that my lovely husband managed to find a time for that and organized the honeymoon completely by himself. This was quite surprise for me! Thing that was even better was the fact that he chose a perfect location for our honeymoon. And when using an expression “perfect” I mean not solely a perfect destination, but as well a perfect accommodation.

By: Viaggio Routard
He chose Santorini. I believe you have heard that name earlier. This is a name of 1 of those amazing Greek islands. That 1 is especially famous due to its outstanding beauty. Santorini is known for its stunning views ( I really enjoyed it because we could do many completely different things there – e.g. spending the whole day simply chilling out on the beach, doing sightseeing and enjoying these greatly gorgeous views, doing different water sports, e.g. water skiing as well as kayaking. My husband and I went also for a cruise that showed us beautiful underwater world. Could you think of anything more romantic than observing together outstanding underwater volcano? As you might probably see, I was greatly happy with the decision regarding the destination.

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