"Emergency" snacks for different situations

You sit at home and suddenly hear a ring at the door-bell. You are quite surprised as you don’t expect anyone. You open the door and you notice colleagues that apparently decided to pay you an unannounced visit. You haven’t seen your friends quite long so you are happy they are at your place. On the other hand, you badly try to come up with something you can treat your visitors with. You are sure you don’t have all ingredients to prepare something nice to eat now.

And what is even more important – you don’t have much time as visitors are already here. Certainly, they cannot expect you to be ready for an unannounced visit. On the other hand, it would be so much nicer to have something nice to eat.
By: Thomas Galvez
From: http://www.flickr.com
I am sure you have experienced this feeling. I have had such situation many times before. And I make up my mind to do anything to change this situation. Nonetheless, there was always 1 big problem about having “emergency” snacks - see more about snack pellet. I have two children so they always eat snacks immediately after I bring them. I was trying to hide them for a moment but all parents are familiar how ridiculous it is and that teenagers always manage to lay hands on snacks anyway. No matter where you hide it. As a result, when unexpected visitors arrive, I still had nothing to offer to my guests.

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One time my sister has visited. When we were drinking a hot drink, I was trying to locate previously hidden chocolate. At the beginning my friend laughed at me but then she came up with an amazing concept I hadn’t thought about previously. She told me about snackpellet. Why was this so good for me? Because they are semi-finished products. I store it in my kitchen and I am sure that it is still there when needed – when unannounced guests arrive. My children don’t consume that straight after buying, as it was with other snacks previously. Why? If they want to consume snack pellet, they have to cook it earlier - see more about snackpellet.
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