Brand new devices in nowadays vehicles – electronic equipment and ordinary paper maps

Now technology takes all. Intelligent houses, intelligent mobile phones and vehicles full of electronic equipment – these are the things which are the most wanted in the past year. Technology bring customers lots of opportunieties, specially in new vehicles.Many cars have very useful technologies which assist us for example in finding parking space or in right riding. One of them is front pdc for BMW and other models, it is comfortable and safe, specially when we need to stop in narrow spaces. In these days around very big shops we have giant parking spaces, but not all of them are created to be useful, especially for big vehicles (front pdc for BMW solves this inconvenience) (read more). These devices help not only experienced, however also disabled people and makes their life easier. GPS-navigation, possibility to receiving calls and e-mails, smartphone applications, sound amplifier for BMW, Fiat, Nissan and others, all of these programs and devices change our style of driving.
By: Jorge de la Llama

On the other side we starting to be not prepared to use oridinary maps or park in the strange places. It is a great idea to switch off for a while our electronic items all of these sound amplifier for BMW and parking control panels and try to just go by ourselves, without additional help. Of’course not in business vehicles, when we are obligated to be on specific hour, however in our private cars. We could as well rent an old car (without suppording equipment) and attempt to take a trip to the nearest town or visit a little village. This short journey will be a great test our driving experience and tell us what we must know. It is significant to be aware of this.

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By: Farrell Small
Inventions are example of goods that regularly revolutionize the existence of people on Earth. What is more, after some time it is for plenty of people to imagine their existence without products that have been just invented. Inter alia an increasing amount of people contemporarily tend to be keen on having an own car.
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