Nice offers on flights in the Old Continent

At the moment, because of little airline corporations, we might travel for a penny, using air jets as our modes of transportation. It's much more comfortable, quicker and easier then car or a bus. From one part of Europe to another one, you could get within 2 hours tops. That's why, if you want to visit your family in Berlin or also go to a Black Sea side, you need to reserve a tickets immediately.

By: Baumit
From: Baumit
You've your grandfather in Berlin, and you want to visit him at vacations? You should book flights to Germany. It is great method to spare some money and time. If you don't have a student lowering, train ticket will cost you a fortune. Journey by your private car could be not safe, and bus uncomfortable. That is why plane is the best option ( If you like to get very low price, you just have to reserve flights to Germany, couple months before your travel. In that case, the best price will be guaranteed. And Berlin is a really great place to explore, it is truly multi cultural place, so you may try a lot of different meals from whole around the world, and admire great monuments. Also, good idea is to go to local zoologist garden, it's one of the largest objects like that in entire continent.
By: PeCeT_full

What if you want to spend vacations at the sea side, nice and in attractive price? Book flights to Odessa. This Ukraine town is one of the biggest resorts at the Black sea side. A lot of fabulous people use to leave in there, musicians, writers, painters and more (click here). It is much cheaper then our Polish cities next to Baltic area, and the weather is nicer for sure. But Odessa is not only about tanning at the beach, it is also about monuments.
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