Don’t you know where to spend the upcoming holidays?

If you do not know yet where to go for the next holidays this year, do not worry. There are a lot of extremely good places that are worth visit. And we have for you 2 of them, that are not very common.
First of all of the place is Denmark.
At this moment, there are many cheap flights to Denmark available. Thus, if you do not have a big budget, you should not worry neither. If you put an effort into finding your flight tickets, you will surely be able to find them for a very reasonable price. Denmark is a country which is absolutely worth visiting (request a new one). Firstly, there are almost everything. You could see there both modern building and the greatest social innoVATion in the whole world. Futhermore, you can see there wonderful historical sites, such as for instance castles, different medieval towns and even sites related to the Viking Age. Moreover, the Danish food is simply incredible. It is based on fresh products and sea food. As a result of this, it is not just delicious, but also extremely healthy. In Denmark, there are also plenty of very good restaurants, including these with well-known Michelin stars.

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By: Daniel Jolivet
When spring is arriving, many of us begin to think about, where to go for the next holidays. After Poland become part of EU, we have plenty of different destinations affordable, if we use small airline carriers.

Another idea for holiday is to visit Germany. Nonetheless, it is relevant to emphasize one thing. Lots of men and females when thinking about Germany, they think mostly about Berlin (very useful website, well visit). Nevertheless, there are tons of other Germans cities which are definitely worth visiting. For example, you can take flights to Dusseldorf. It is the seventh biggest city in Germany.
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