Be creative – make an unusual building

On the world there are plenty unusual locations which aim is to amaze individuals and make them to think about design and problems in building.
People get accustomed to simplified solutions which are made use of during constructing process. The properties where individuals live are normally composed of four straight walls and top which is occasionally sloping.
big building
By: Franklin Heijnen
Nevertheless, the architecture is something more than simplified and dull solutions. There are technical construction which aim is to offer something original and out of average.

What is the technical building? It is a construction which is devoted to people but it is not a place where men and females can live here or stay longer. Technical buildings are typically:

• Bars – a ideal example can be the Berlin television tower – the tower is used to keep transferring aerial equipment, but here is also a bistro at the top of it and the observatory centre. • Shopping centers – it is an additional illustration of use of the technical architecture. Many shopping companies create their structures to attract people’s interest and motivate them to visit the shopping mall. Many instances of unusual buildings which are shopping malls are the Basket building in Ohio, the United States. The shopping place appears like the big, blue shopping basket.

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