We are embellish a space for kids – an interesting ideas and helpful advices.

A colourfoul giraffe, a mighty elephant, an impresive lion or a colourful parrot, children amire animals, a tiny kitty or a large dog for them it doesn’t matter, the most valid thing is to look at these fantastic creatures.

By: Kevin Law
From: http://www.flickr.com
We, as parents and designers of the kids place to play may based on their admiration for nature and compose something incredible for our child. There are a lot of ways to ornament a room for a child, a large number of parents decide to buy furnishings with figures from cartoon movies, but there is other interesting form of design – colouring the room walls not only with a intersting colour but also create a figure an animal - decorate your interior (decorate your interior). Nowadays kids room murals are very popular, it may be a image of a particular animal or a group of them – murals animals and child is a great connection. We may associate murals with some form of outdoor art, but they be also a part of indoor style.

Kids room murals may be minimalistic or big, we can colour a whole wall with some story with animals or only create some small draft near the window or an electrical outlet (it may be a little hummingbird as well as a big sceneimage from The Lion King). On our murals animals can be also prehistoric. Kids in the age 4-7 like dinosaurs, they know a lot of their species, but what children like the most is a frightening tyrannosaurus and a great triceratops. Of ‘course everything depends of the child character and preferences. Our child can picture a big animal jungle of [murals or just wait for a finally effect.

Children may as well pick colours or try to color by on their own. The wall of their room may be a big colouring book, but first of all animal may can be a wonderful and the most memorable thing of your kid childhood - animals on the wall (animals on the wall). Nevertheless this is a laborious challenge it can bring happiness on kids faces. Not only in indoor spaces can we create a impresive mural, but also in hospitals or foster homes. These actions may change the young peoples’ lives and put their thinking in a different way. Why can’t their childhood be more colourful?
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